Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Design Communication and Sketching

Design Communication and Sketching
Tuesday, 17 April 2007, Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Design communication comes in all forms and this web log is another example of that. It is an intriguing medium, the Internet, for communication and I am beginning this web log as a way to share my thoughts and interact with others who are interested in related issues and topics in reference to design sketching.

The purpose of this web log is to chronicle my own exploration into the topic of design sketching, both as an area of written study and as an area of hands-on experience with the action of doing the sketching. I am also interested in the ability to share these thoughts in an open virtual forum on the internet and I look forward to comments and responses from others across disciplines and at different knowledge levels.

Learning is continuous and this exploration project is part of my learning process in the field of design. Although my background is in the area of interior and architectural design, design sketching overlaps many disciplines where there is the process of problem solving. My intent is to submit entries (essays) weekly, typically by Friday. I will also include reflections on my study on design sketching as well as pictorial examples of my own sketching.

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