Monday, June 25, 2012

Watercolor Sketching - a good experience!
Just finished teaching a Watercolor class with a focus on Sketching out and about - Urban Sketching and Travel sketching.  The students were all different majors and Carolyn Matthews was an advanced student who did travel sketching and blogging in New Zealand.  I listed the websites below, but the links don't always seem to work through blogspot, so you can copy and paste them into the address area of your browser if needed.

Carolyn Matthews Travel Sketches can be seen on this website:
Other students in the class posted their work on these Flickr websites.  Fun to see the variety with the different majors ranging from Spanish to Art to Natural Resources. 

Colton and Falen Watercolors
Michelle Rehak Watercolors
This last painting is the view of a baseball field outside her window near sunset with the shadows of trees over part of the field.
Amy Fredrickson IA 331 Watercolors and more

My Flickr site has a few watercolors too and is an informal post of trying out ideas and sketches:

Carolyn starts her blog, "Joyful Participation in the Life of the Planet:  Design to communicate, inspire, and foster positive change"  with a good quote:
"Every design detracts or enhances our joyful participation in the life of the planet." -Buckminster Fuller

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