Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting started again - 52 weeks of an online Drawing Lab

To keep myself on a regular schedule of doing some sketching and drawing, I decided to sign up for an online Drawing Lab. This one was intriguing because it lasts for 52 weeks - the whole year of 2011, with a required drawing once a week.
You can see some of my posts for the Drawing Lab weekly drawings on Flickr:

This is some information on the Drawing Lab that I am doing the drawings for:

Drawing Class by Jeannie (Jewelry by Jeannie) ..... She says.....
"What if I told you, you can draw? What if I told you, drawing is fun-not scary? What if I told you I'm going to teach you how to draw this year like a real artist? You might be saying to yourself right now, "I can't draw," "I'm not creative." Nonsense, I said that too.

Having a foundation of basic drawing skills will help you in all of your creative work. In the same way that running a marathon can give you skills in perseverance, discipline, and focus which affect all areas of your life. So learning to draw teaches you to "see" and focus, developing your hand."

Go here for more information on the class.

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