Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Becoming natural with using blogs . . . .

Again, I start to try to use this blog area. Life is so busy that it is difficult to be consistent in keeping up a blog. But I am seeing the value in it and will try to add something to this blog more regularly.

What inspired me is Dagi's blog.
I have been participating in a Drawing Lab that Jeannie ( put together for 52 weeks (for the year of 2011). In looking at her blog, Jeannie has a really nice landscape drawing on it below her books and photos (scroll down). For week 43, we all did a landscape and Dagi posted some on her blog website. It was neat to see it being shared and this gave me more encouragement to start working on my own blog site. The landscape drawings are very nice, and Dagi's adds a nice contrast as being a fresh looking sketch from her window at work. It is spontaneous with a lot of feeling. i like pencil sketches for their narrative value and detail.

More to come next week.


Kokopelli said...

Hey there! Thank you for sharing my blog post of the landscape drawings. Sometimes blogging doesn't fit into life and I sometimes have HUGE holes in my blogging timeline, but there is always a little space to share some news. Not necessarily crafting news. :-) Hope to read more news here soon!

Kathe Julin said...

Thanks for the supportive comment. Looking forward to more correspondence on the blog.